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AEPS Service

Paymoney Recharge AEPS image
Paymoney Recharge AEPS image
Paymoney Recharge AEPS image

AEPS Service

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System or AEPS could be a payment service developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) permitting banks, money establishments to use “Aadhaar” number and online UIDAI authentication for transactions through their various Business correspondent service centers.

Paymoney Recharge AEPS is an online present payment solution which interfaces with the AEPS and supports transactions from one Aadhaar linked an account to another Aadhaar Enabled device (as per the specification of NPCI), CBS and UIDAI. Paymoney Recharge AEPS application is hosted as a part of financial transaction switch of the bank and is seamlessly integrated with the CBS application. Services offered by Paymoney Recharge AEPS:

Regular ATMs

Services offered by Paymoney Recharge AEPS:

Cash Deposit

Now you can deposit cash by just walking into any of the Paymoney Recharge centers. All you need to do is give your Aadhaar number, bank name and thumb/finger impression. This facility is available in non-banking hours. Hence, it is easy to access at any time.

Balance Enquiry

Paymoney Recharge AEPS also offers balance inquiry feature which is helpful for anyone.

With AEPS powered by Paymoney Recharge, cash withdrawal, cash deposit and checking balance is now easy, secure and convenient.

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